Monday, September 17, 2012

A few notes...

Here's the list of campers:

Diane E
Julie R
Kathy J
Jeri A
Fay W
Lucy G
Mariana H
Maria G
Farley C
Rita D
Connie L
Del W
Jennifer R
Chrissie R
Anna R
Liney D
Rinda O
Judi W
Lisa D
Carol N
Wendy E
Yvette P
Janie S
Tracy B
Janice J
Nancy Y 

We are in the final countdown towards camp! 

 The biggest mystery to me is how I am going to fit everything into the trunk of my car!  Maybe I will have to borrow the box van from work, or Mark's truck?

We also wanted to let you know that we will have some electric tea kettles available in case you want to bring along any beverages (tea, coffee, hot cocoa) for when you are at camp. We will have hot cups available.  Water is also provided.   We will have a cooler w/bottled water and ice.

If you are planning on packing a lunch or dinner - be advised that we do not have a kitchen or refrigerator in our scrap room.  So you would have to pack a cooler and there is  no way to heat up anything other than water.  Another post will be made shortly to let you know some of the restaurants in the general area.  Please note there is a post regarding some vegetarian type options here.

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