Wednesday, October 19, 2011


hello from Janice, Tracy and Nancy.  We are feverishly at work planning the 2012 Scramp Camp!  Ever since that fateful evening at the last camp where Nancy was volunteered to host (and she wasn't even there) and JJ and Tracy graciously jumped in to be co-hosts we have been plotting and scheming for next years big get-together!

Final details about the location are being worked out, so we'll spill the beans on that in a future post.  It should provide for plenty of room and creative happenings.  Dates are also being finalized, but you can figure it will be in September, after Labor Day ;-)

This site will be our main mode of keeping the information you need to know.  A place where you can check back to see information about dates, times, hotels, payments and the like.


  1. Oh boy! I am really hoping I can make it to this one. Thank you, you three for taking this on.

  2. Woohooo! Great hosts! Hope I can make it to this next year! xoxoxo

  3. Great job on the blog, looking forward to another exciting event.